My EquiFit ShouldersBack Support Review

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ShouldersBack Posture Brace

Price: $44.95

  • Nylon vest design by an orthopedist
  • Adjustable for use over top or beneath clothing
  • Good for workouts and office style work
  • Used to reduce and remove chronic back/neck pain and improve posture
  • Applies light pressure to easy your shoulders into correct position
  • 30 day warranty against manufacturer’s defects

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ShouldersBack SupportThis brace is one of the highest-rated available, but some people still report finding that it scratches or chafes the skin under their arms. This is most likely due to not adjusting the straps/Velcro properly. Even though it is adjustable, no support can fit every last body size and shape. A downside to how adjustable it is: some people find it difficult to tighten the straps correctly (saying that it “does nothing” or is “too tight”) – even though it comes with instructions on how to properly fit it to your needs. To avoid the scratching, our advice is to wear a thin/light t-shirt underneath it if you are going to wear it under your clothing. Also, as we advise in the posture brace guide, you shouldn’t wear it for long periods of time (an hour or two should suffice) to avoid both weakening your muscles and excessive scratching.

It is thin and made of lightweight material – lighter than the original model – and can be worn under all but the thinnest, tightest t-shirts without being noticed. It is easy to put on and adjust (adjusted using Velcro straps) and comes in two colors: white or black so you can match/hide it under your outfits. This support can be worn by men or women and comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. The downside of this is you have to measure properly to ensure the correct fit. Small is for those 24 inches or less, large is for 37 inches or more and medium is anywhere in between 24 and 37 inches. It is actually more of a “support” and not a “brace” because it gently applies pressure to your shoulders and serves as a reminder instead of holding them back and locking them into place.

Other than the scratchiness (without a t-shirt underneath), the ShouldersBack is a versatile, functional support that we recommend.

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