The Complete PostureNOW Brace Review

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Price: $65 ($39.95 on

  • Comes in two sizes: small and large
  • Made from Nylon
  • Less invasive way of improving your posture
  • Can be worn inside and outside of clothing

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PostureNOW Brace
Described as a posture trainer that is 100% guaranteed to improve your posture by serving as a reminder to sit up straight, the PostureNOW brace is one of the most recent additions to the market. It accomplishes this thanks to the increases in tension created whenever the wearers shoulders slouch forward instead of constantly applying tension to pull your shoulders back as other braces do. If your posture is perfect, you feel no tension across your back. This helps to create muscle memory, strengthen your back muscles and form a habit of good posture.

While it may be unlike any other support out there thanks to its innovative design, it comes with a price. It sells for $39.95 on and some people even pay up to $65 on Amazon. This is considerably expensive compared to other options available and when you take into account the fact that the company mentioned on the show Shark Tank that they cost $5 to make.

A number of users report finding it difficult to put on and adjust. Another word of caution provided by reviewers is not to take what the size chart says at face value. The chart says for men with shirt sizes small, medium and large to order a small sized brace while those who wear XL and XXL to order the large size, but individuals have found that the small brace can cut off circulation even on the loosest setting. It’s more a matter of how large your biceps are, not what size shirt you wear. Others complain about how it restricts their arm movement since it attaches to your arms instead of over the shoulders and under your underarms. It does take some more time getting used to, especially for those who have used other braces in the past. It is important not to expect a device that fixes your posture to be perfectly comfortable and natural feeling to wear.

Posture Support When Worn

As with many other supports, chaffing can occur, especially if you have moist skin or wear it without a shirt underneath. Another point worth mentioning is that the it currently only comes in one color: black. This can be a problem when wearing a thin white shirt over top of it. It is also very difficult to wear under anything but larger sweaters and jackets because it is one long strap that can’t go through your shirt sleeves.

The brace’s design allows it to cover much less skin than many of its competitors, which makes it easier and more comfortable to wear under clothing without causing overheating/sweating. Above all else, many of the user who gave poor ratings for reasons including: the materials, comfort level and appearance admitted that the PostureNOW brace actually helped improve their posture and that if it weren’t for issue A, B or C, they would have continued using it.

Overall, we can not recommend the PostureNOW brace due to its difficulty to put on and adjust, its higher than average price and the inability to wear it under average to tight shirts (in addition to alleged customer service issues).

One thought to “The Complete PostureNOW Brace Review”

  1. This brace severely restricts arm movement. If it tightened enough to feel as though its working then you cannot move your arms.
    Waste of money unless you are happy to wear it only when you can simply sit and relax – not use your arms at all!

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