ITA-Med Posture Corrector Review

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Price: $55.09

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
  • Provides lower back, abdomen and shoulder support
  • Latex-free
  • Doctor recommended
  • Unisex design

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ITA-MED Posture CorrectorThe ITA-Med Posture Corrector is a support for your back, shoulder and abdomen. It claims to be recommended by doctors for scoliosis, spinal conditions and posture problems. 5 sizes are offered so it is important that you follow their sizing instructions so that the one that is delivered to you fits properly. A number of buyers complain about the product not fitting correctly, but it could likely be their fault for not carefully selecting the right size. This orthosis provides the wearer with firm support and decent pain relief.

One of the most common complaints from buyers is that it is difficult to put on, primarily due to the poor instructions provided and the lack of pictures accompanying them. Another possible issue is that this support greatly restricts your range of motion and is not meant for activities requiring any sort of mobility. While many praised it for its lower back support giving ability, individuals noted that it didn’t perform as well at providing upper back support as the tension provided by the shoulder straps was not strong enough (especially for people with heavier, more muscular builds).

Many reviews also mentioned that the brace is quite bulky and is difficult to hide under anything but the largest, baggiest clothing. The shoulder padding can be removed to make it much easier to hide (invisible under a collared shirt), but the lack of padding can cause the straps to dig into your arms/armpits, making the support very uncomfortable to wear unless you wear a shirt underneath it.

If you are standing with good posture, then you will almost forget you are wearing this brace. It is important to note that this support, along with all others that do what they are designed to do, are not completely comfortable to wear. Some discomfort must be expected when wearing a device that is correcting your posture.

In summary, this is more of a brace and less of a support or trainer due to the mobility restriction created by the metal rods and constrictive design. Overall, we recommend it as it works to remind the wearer to improve their posture when they slouch. It is a good quality product that does what it claims it can do: help relieve back pain due to postural problems. That said, while it aids both your lower and upper back, it is more ideal for individuals with lower back issues than people with shoulder slouching problems. Due to its bulkiness, it is probably best for home use only. There are braces available that specialize in shoulder slouching and offer more tension and stronger straps (for a better price as well). It really depends on your particular situation and support needs.

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