Cincher Women’s Posture Back Brace Review

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Price: $42.50

  • Comes in white, black and tan
  • Made specifically for women
  • Patented design
  • Provides both lower back and posture support

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Cincher Support Belt FrontOne of the highest rated posture braces for women offered on Amazon, the Cincher Women’s Posture Back Support Belt is a patented design created specifically for the female body. It provides extra support for the lower back which is where most of the stress is focused during day-to-day activities. In addition to lower back support, this brace has cervical straps that gently pull your shoulders back. It is made of high density Power Mesh and shaped like an hourglass. It has three elastic side pulls and vertical supports that help protect the most at-risk areas of a woman’s form from stress and promotes spinal alignment. It does this by compressing the lower back and abdomen.

As with almost every other brace available, many buyers found that this brace uncomfortable to wear without a shirt underneath due to the chaffing/agitation it caused. Also, many users reported that this support is much less forceful compared to its alternatives as the shoulder straps rest closer to your neck and don’t pull your shoulders back as much. It does a great job of making you sit up straight by straightening your lower back, but it is not as effective at keeping your shoulders from slouching. This can be a benefit or a downside depending on your personal situation. Due to it’s coverage and thickness around the lower back, it can get a bit war and sweaty if you’re moving around a lot while wearing it or are wearing it in an area that isn’t air conditioned. One sufferer of degenerative scoliosis warned that this brace is not designed for the condition and that it caused more pain instead of relieving it. The brace fits well and is comfortable under all but the tightest shirts and sweaters. Be sure to read the rules on returning it as some sellers do not allow returns.

Cincher Women's Brace Back

Overall, we recommend the Cincher Women’s brace as it functions quite well as both a back and posture support. It is ideal for those who sit for long hours at a time in front of a computer at home or in an office. It is also a relatively comfortable solution, as long as a shirt is worn underneath it and it can be easily adjusted and readjusted. This is a reliable support made from quality materials.

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