ITA-Med Posture Corrector Review

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Price: $55.09

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
  • Provides lower back, abdomen and shoulder support
  • Latex-free
  • Doctor recommended
  • Unisex design

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ITA-MED Posture CorrectorThe ITA-Med Posture Corrector is a support for your back, shoulder and abdomen. It claims to be recommended by doctors for scoliosis, spinal conditions and posture problems. 5 sizes are offered so it is important that you follow their sizing instructions so that the one that is delivered to you fits properly. A number of buyers complain about the product not fitting correctly, but it could likely be their fault for not carefully selecting the right size. This orthosis provides the wearer with firm support and decent pain relief.

One of the most common complaints from buyers is that it is difficult to put on, primarily due to the poor instructions provided and the lack of pictures accompanying them. Another possible issue is that this support greatly restricts your range of motion and is not meant for activities requiring any sort of mobility. While many praised it for its lower back support giving ability, individuals noted that it didn’t perform as well at providing upper back support as the tension provided by the shoulder straps was not strong enough (especially for people with heavier, more muscular builds).

Many reviews also mentioned that the brace is quite bulky and is difficult to hide under anything but the largest, baggiest clothing. The shoulder padding can be removed to make it much easier to hide (invisible under a collared shirt), but the lack of padding can cause the straps to dig into your arms/armpits, making the support very uncomfortable to wear unless you wear a shirt underneath it.

If you are standing with good posture, then you will almost forget you are wearing this brace. It is important to note that this support, along with all others that do what they are designed to do, are not completely comfortable to wear. Some discomfort must be expected when wearing a device that is correcting your posture.

In summary, this is more of a brace and less of a support or trainer due to the mobility restriction created by the metal rods and constrictive design. Overall, we recommend it as it works to remind the wearer to improve their posture when they slouch. It is a good quality product that does what it claims it can do: help relieve back pain due to postural problems. That said, while it aids both your lower and upper back, it is more ideal for individuals with lower back issues than people with shoulder slouching problems. Due to its bulkiness, it is probably best for home use only. There are braces available that specialize in shoulder slouching and offer more tension and stronger straps (for a better price as well). It really depends on your particular situation and support needs.

Cincher Women’s Posture Back Brace Review

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Price: $42.50

  • Comes in white, black and tan
  • Made specifically for women
  • Patented design
  • Provides both lower back and posture support

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Cincher Support Belt FrontOne of the highest rated posture braces for women offered on Amazon, the Cincher Women’s Posture Back Support Belt is a patented design created specifically for the female body. It provides extra support for the lower back which is where most of the stress is focused during day-to-day activities. In addition to lower back support, this brace has cervical straps that gently pull your shoulders back. It is made of high density Power Mesh and shaped like an hourglass. It has three elastic side pulls and vertical supports that help protect the most at-risk areas of a woman’s form from stress and promotes spinal alignment. It does this by compressing the lower back and abdomen.

As with almost every other brace available, many buyers found that this brace uncomfortable to wear without a shirt underneath due to the chaffing/agitation it caused. Also, many users reported that this support is much less forceful compared to its alternatives as the shoulder straps rest closer to your neck and don’t pull your shoulders back as much. It does a great job of making you sit up straight by straightening your lower back, but it is not as effective at keeping your shoulders from slouching. This can be a benefit or a downside depending on your personal situation. Due to it’s coverage and thickness around the lower back, it can get a bit war and sweaty if you’re moving around a lot while wearing it or are wearing it in an area that isn’t air conditioned. One sufferer of degenerative scoliosis warned that this brace is not designed for the condition and that it caused more pain instead of relieving it. The brace fits well and is comfortable under all but the tightest shirts and sweaters. Be sure to read the rules on returning it as some sellers do not allow returns.

Cincher Women's Brace Back

Overall, we recommend the Cincher Women’s brace as it functions quite well as both a back and posture support. It is ideal for those who sit for long hours at a time in front of a computer at home or in an office. It is also a relatively comfortable solution, as long as a shirt is worn underneath it and it can be easily adjusted and readjusted. This is a reliable support made from quality materials.

The Complete PostureNOW Brace Review

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Price: $65 ($39.95 on

  • Comes in two sizes: small and large
  • Made from Nylon
  • Less invasive way of improving your posture
  • Can be worn inside and outside of clothing

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PostureNOW Brace
Described as a posture trainer that is 100% guaranteed to improve your posture by serving as a reminder to sit up straight, the PostureNOW brace is one of the most recent additions to the market. It accomplishes this thanks to the increases in tension created whenever the wearers shoulders slouch forward instead of constantly applying tension to pull your shoulders back as other braces do. If your posture is perfect, you feel no tension across your back. This helps to create muscle memory, strengthen your back muscles and form a habit of good posture.

While it may be unlike any other support out there thanks to its innovative design, it comes with a price. It sells for $39.95 on and some people even pay up to $65 on Amazon. This is considerably expensive compared to other options available and when you take into account the fact that the company mentioned on the show Shark Tank that they cost $5 to make.

A number of users report finding it difficult to put on and adjust. Another word of caution provided by reviewers is not to take what the size chart says at face value. The chart says for men with shirt sizes small, medium and large to order a small sized brace while those who wear XL and XXL to order the large size, but individuals have found that the small brace can cut off circulation even on the loosest setting. It’s more a matter of how large your biceps are, not what size shirt you wear. Others complain about how it restricts their arm movement since it attaches to your arms instead of over the shoulders and under your underarms. It does take some more time getting used to, especially for those who have used other braces in the past. It is important not to expect a device that fixes your posture to be perfectly comfortable and natural feeling to wear.

Posture Support When Worn

As with many other supports, chaffing can occur, especially if you have moist skin or wear it without a shirt underneath. Another point worth mentioning is that the it currently only comes in one color: black. This can be a problem when wearing a thin white shirt over top of it. It is also very difficult to wear under anything but larger sweaters and jackets because it is one long strap that can’t go through your shirt sleeves.

The brace’s design allows it to cover much less skin than many of its competitors, which makes it easier and more comfortable to wear under clothing without causing overheating/sweating. Above all else, many of the user who gave poor ratings for reasons including: the materials, comfort level and appearance admitted that the PostureNOW brace actually helped improve their posture and that if it weren’t for issue A, B or C, they would have continued using it.

Overall, we can not recommend the PostureNOW brace due to its difficulty to put on and adjust, its higher than average price and the inability to wear it under average to tight shirts (in addition to alleged customer service issues).

FootSmart Posture Corrective Brace Review

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FootSmart Support Front
Price: $34.99

  • Terry cloth protector helps keep back dry
  • NOT machine washable. Wash by hand with warm water.
  • Made up of 60% polyester, 17% rubber, 15% nylon and 8% cotton
  • Has a secure fit thanks to comfortable, non-elastic straps
  • Over-the-shoulder support adapts to your shape and eases shoulders back into correct position
  • Product contains latex

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Footsmart Posture Corrective BraceAs with other supports, the FootSmart posture corrective brace is quite scratchy and can cause significant chafing when worn directly against the skin, especially in the armpit area and on the inside of the arms. To reduce or eliminate this discomfort, it is suggested that you wear a thin, light shirt underneath it even if you’re going to wear it under clothing (which can be quite inconvenient, especially if it’s hot out). Everyone should know before they buy a brace that having your posture gently corrected isn’t always discomfort free. That said, using a brace shouldn’t be overly painful. If it is, adjust it!

Since the posture corrective brace is adjustable, it is possible to tighten it too much or not enough. So, if the pressure is causing you severe pain or if you can’t feel it working, it is most likely your fault and not the device’s. While it says it is one-size-fits-all, this refers to people who are close to the average in body size and shape. For example, a 6’2″, 230 lb. user with broad shoulders would find that their circulation is restricted while wearing the support. Also, wearers are required to trim excess length to customize the fit which some people see as an inconvenience. This trimming can cause the brace to look torn/damaged, making it unfit to wear over clothing or under loose-fitting clothing in some individuals’ opinions. Other concerns that are typically raised include that it is difficult to put on by yourself and is somewhat bulky.

While these various issues can and will affect a small portion of wearers, the brace does what it is supposed to do very well, which is relieving back and shoulder aches and improving your posture habits. Adjusting the amount of pressure applied to your shoulders with the hook and loop is quick and easy. Comes in two colors: white and beige. It is also easily refundable, so there is little risk involved with buying one and trying it out.

While it may not be the most luxurious one out there, the FootSmart support gets the job done for an affordable price. We recommend it.

My EquiFit ShouldersBack Support Review

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ShouldersBack Posture Brace

Price: $44.95

  • Nylon vest design by an orthopedist
  • Adjustable for use over top or beneath clothing
  • Good for workouts and office style work
  • Used to reduce and remove chronic back/neck pain and improve posture
  • Applies light pressure to easy your shoulders into correct position
  • 30 day warranty against manufacturer’s defects

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ShouldersBack SupportThis brace is one of the highest-rated available, but some people still report finding that it scratches or chafes the skin under their arms. This is most likely due to not adjusting the straps/Velcro properly. Even though it is adjustable, no support can fit every last body size and shape. A downside to how adjustable it is: some people find it difficult to tighten the straps correctly (saying that it “does nothing” or is “too tight”) – even though it comes with instructions on how to properly fit it to your needs. To avoid the scratching, our advice is to wear a thin/light t-shirt underneath it if you are going to wear it under your clothing. Also, as we advise in the posture brace guide, you shouldn’t wear it for long periods of time (an hour or two should suffice) to avoid both weakening your muscles and excessive scratching.

It is thin and made of lightweight material – lighter than the original model – and can be worn under all but the thinnest, tightest t-shirts without being noticed. It is easy to put on and adjust (adjusted using Velcro straps) and comes in two colors: white or black so you can match/hide it under your outfits. This support can be worn by men or women and comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. The downside of this is you have to measure properly to ensure the correct fit. Small is for those 24 inches or less, large is for 37 inches or more and medium is anywhere in between 24 and 37 inches. It is actually more of a “support” and not a “brace” because it gently applies pressure to your shoulders and serves as a reminder instead of holding them back and locking them into place.

Other than the scratchiness (without a t-shirt underneath), the ShouldersBack is a versatile, functional support that we recommend.